Repair Runway 33, Robins Air Force Base

Warner Robins, GA

Windamir was the design builder for repairs to Runway 33 at Robins AFB and to provide a state of the art approach lighting system. As an active runway it was critical to allow the airfield to remain in full operation during construction.

Project Description:

Windamir provided design-build construction repairs to Runway 33 at Robins AFB to provide the Air Force with a state-of-the-art approach lighting system. Because this was an active airfield runway, the project required the runway to remain in full operation during the construction period. As the Prime Contractor, Windamir self-performed 62% of the work including all the demolition, airfield lighting and electrical work, and miscellaneous site work and housekeeping.

Construction Cost: $3.4 Million

Self Performance: Windamir self-performed 62% of the construction work

Project Highlights:
  • Converted existing ALSF-2 configuration to ALSF-1 and SSALR configuration per UFS-3-535-01
  • Provided temporary displaced runway threshold lights during construction using phased construction methods
  • Demolished existing threshold lights, installed new airfield lighting circuits and installed new threshold lighting
  • Removed, raised, leveled and replaced 33 each contiguous concrete slabs and 24 each semi-contiguous concrete slabs with Air Force specified 1.0 to 1.5 percent transverse slopes and 1.0 percent longitudinal slopes listed in UFC 3-260-01 for runways, taxiways and aprons
  • Constructed 33 cast-in-place concrete slabs with a minimum compressive strength of 4000 PSI at 28 days. Slabs are 25 ft. by 25 ft. by 20 inches thick and of 700 p.s.i. tensile strength. Fuel Resistant Dow Corning 890 SL joint sealer was provided
  • Subsurface remediation was provided to correct depression in the southwest section in runway and included Geo-Study and Borings report on Runway

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