Repair Overhead LED Lighting TRF Drydock

Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA

Windamir provided design-build repairs to the overhead lighting at the Trident Refit Facility (TRF) Drydock #5044 located within the Waterfront Restricted Area (WRA) at the Naval Submarine Base (NSB) Kings Bay, GA.

Project Description:

Because the project was located in the WRA, personnel were required to have Facility Access Determination (FAD) Program (SECNAVINST 5510 30A) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Security Clearance. The project included providing design engineering and construction for replacing conduit, wiring and high-bay lighting; and installing a standby diesel generator to replace existing UPS system for the overhead cover and security lighting. Project also included the removal and replacement of all High Pressure Sodium lighting fixtures.

Overhead Lighting Circuitry – The work entailed removal and replacement of all ¾” and 1” rigid conduit, wiring, junction boxes, structural support and associated hardware for the 1000 watt overhead lighting and 250 watt and 400 watt security lighting Much of the existing system was installed directly onto the beams for the Dry-dock. Windamir utilized a system of stainless steel that allowed for installation of new conduits while allowing for removal of the old system after testing and implementation of new lighting system. For the 250 and 400 watt system on the crane rail, it was necessary to remove and replace all the conduit, wiring, fixtures and all associated hardware.

Construction Cost: $2.5 Million

Project Highlights:
  • For the Overhead Lighting Circuitry, the existing conduit and wiring for the lighting systems were in disrepair and needed to be replaced. For the overhead 1000 watt lighting system, provided and installed new conduit and wiring, connected to lighting circuits. The new system was installed, connected and tested before removal of existing conduit
  • Polyvinyl-Chloride (PVC) coated rigid steel conduit system was used on all new applications to include fittings, boxes and covers to form a complete encapsulated system. During visual inspection of South end by crane, some of the horizontal spans were not supported by beams, which required the installation of stainless steel threaded rod systems as a means of support
  • For the Lighting Fixtures, provided removal and replacement of approx. (160) existing 1000 watt high pressure sodium light fixtures (NL-22A) that were used as dry-dock cover lighting. Also removed and replaced approx. (38) 250 watt and (2 each) 400 watt high pressure sodium light fixtures along the crane rail that were designated as security lighting.

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