Windamir Awarded Vehicle Paint Prep Shop Fort Stewart GA

Feb 27, 2019
Windamir Awarded Vehicle Paint Prep Shop Fort Stewart GA

Looking forward to Constructing the New Vehicle Paint Preparation Shop at Fort Stewart

The project will construct a 5,400 SF Pre-Engineered Metal Building housing a Media Blast Booth. The work to be performed will include constructing a PEMB Maintenance Shop, General Purpose containing a Vehicle Media Blast Facility to replace the existing blast booth (building 1074). Project will include a metal building with motorized roll-up doors to facilitate large vehicles. Project will include a vehicle bay to allow for associated maintenance. Project will include all infrastructure work. The facility will contain a decontamination room for personnel. Facility will meet all applicable NFPA, NRTL, and OSHA requirements. The Period of Performance will be 365 calendar days from Notice to Proceed.

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