About Windamir

Windamir Construction Staff

Building efficiency, maintainability and reliability for our clients

Many companies dabble in federal and military construction. But at Windamir, we’re 100% devoted to it. With more than 15 years of experience working with the federal government on projects throughout the southeastern United States, we’ve evolved our company to be an ideal partner for the highly specific, secure, and often unpredictable world of military construction.

Deep security knowledge

When it comes to building high-security facilities, we know what it takes. Every member of our team has been cleared to work on sensitive sites and has an eye for detail that’s critical to working in this field.

A top-notch safety and performance record

Safety and quality are our top priorities, and they’re reflected in our records. We are consistently scored as very good and above average on government project performance evaluations,and we maintain an excellent safety record with no reportable incidents with an average EMR of .71.

Small but financially strong

We are a an established small business federal contractor with a greater bonding capacity than most companies of our size—so you can feel confident your investment is protected. We are also comprehensively insured.

Equipment that’s ready to go

To save our clients money and help our projects stay on track, we own the majority of the equipment we use. No markup, no contracting, no waiting.

A team you’ll love to work with

In construction, the client/contractor relationship is as important as meeting the timeline. At Windamir we’re all about that southern friendliness and keeping our clients happy from day one of every project.

Windamir staff average 10 to 20+ yrs experience

Our history

Windamir has been performing construction services for the federal government since 2004. Originally founded by husband and wife team, Doug Glover a senior manager and licensed electrician, and business maven Kimberly Glover a systems engineer and project manager. The company is now owned by Brandon Bartlett, a construction and project management expert who has worked in the construction field for more than 2 decades including previously serving as a senior manager with Windamir since 2010.

The company was built on strong relationships with the military that continue to thrive today. Over the years Windamir has received numerous awards and commendations. From the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award, to multiple Corps of Engineers Safety Awards, and the 447th Signal Battalion Centurions Recognition, as well as numerous commendation letters and past performance evaluations, Windamir has an excellent reputation for quality workmanship and safety performance.

Get your next construction project done right, the first time.

We’ll deliver the work on time, on budget, and to your exacting standards.