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Construction Projects

Repair Cracks and Spalls at Dobbins Air Reserve Base

Activities for this project included:

  • The removal and replacement of over 55,000 square feet of full
    depth concrete for the C-130 ramp, transient ramp, and
    taxiways A, B, & C on the airfield at Dobbins ARB
  • Spall repair for the C-130 ramp, transient ramp, and taxiways A, B, & C
  • Paint markings on the C-130 ramp, transient ramp, and
    taxiways A, B, & C

Examples of Windamir projects include:

  • Repair Cracks & Spalls, C-130 Ramp, Transient Ramp, & Taxiways, Dobbins ARB
  • Revitalize Lodging, Dobbins ARB
  • Airfield Rubber Removal and Repaint, Dobbins ARB
  • Renovate Logistics Complex, Dobbins ARB
  • Design-Build Renovate Dining Hall Building 642, Fort Stewart
  • Design-Build New Teen Center, Fort Stewart
  • Design-Build Renovation of Stewart Lanes and Snack Bar, For t Stewart
  • Design-Build Multi-Purpose Courts, Hunter AAF
  • Airfield Rubber Removal and Repaint, Hunter AAF
  • Design-Build Paint Booth, Hunter AAF
  • Design-Build Renovation of Hunter Lanes and Snack Bar, Hunter AAF
  • Design-Build New OCIE Warehouse, Hunter AAF
  • Design-Build HAZMAT Storage Facility, MCLB Albany
  • Upgrade Substations 2, 6, and 9, MCLB Albany
  • Design-Build Renovation of Fire Station, MCLB Albany
  • Renovate NCIS Building, NSB Kings Bay
  • Paint Missile Assembly Bays, NSB Kings Bay
  • Construct Machine Gun Pit, NSB Kings Bay
  • Construct Limited Area Entry Control Point, NSB Kings Bay
  • Replace Railroad Crossings, NSB Kings Bay
  • Install Carpet, Trident Training Facility & Trident Refit Facility,
    NSB Kings Bay
  • Install Compressors, NSB Kings Bay
  • Renovate Navy/Marine Corps Reserve Center, Augusta, Georgia
  • Repair Barracks, NAS Atlanta
  • Refurbish Dive Pool, NSA Panama City
  • Design-Build Main Gate Bus Stop, NSA Panama City
  • Building 957 Construct Welding Pad and Drainage Pond, Eglin AFB
  • Design-Build Operating Rooms Electrical Upgrades,
    Naval Hospital Beaufort
  • Design-Build Construct Staff Parking Lot, Naval Hospital Beaufort
  • Design-Build RV Park and Bath House, Parris Island
  • Design-Build Installation of Wash Sinks, Parris Island
  • Design-Build Martial Arts Building, MCAS Beaufort
  • Hanger VP-30 Fall Protection, NAS Jacksonville
  • Repair Pier, NAS Jacksonville
  • Prepare Building 4 for Nuclear Camera, Veterans Administration
  • Renovate Hampton Interim Control, FAA
  • HVAC Upgrades, USDA
  • Building 701 Addition, Robins AFB
  • Building 301 Bay C Renovation, Robins AFB
  • Building 380 CDC Renovation, Robins AFB
  • Replace Fire Pumps, Robins AFB
  • Building 640 Deli, Robins AFB
  • Construct Bldg 140 Mezzanine and Break Room, Robins AFB
  • Renovate Buildings 368 and 641, Robins AFB
  • Guardian Installation, Robins AFB, NSB Kings Bay, Fort Hood


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